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Legal services for companies

We provide comprehensive legal services in all areas of law that are revivant to the client’s business.
We advise on matters including civil law, commercial law, administrative law, labor law, copyright, intellectual property law, public procurement law, insolvency law.

In the context of legal advice for companies, we offer protection against:

  • unreliable contractors,
  • dishonest consumers,
  • debt collection,
  • demanding employees,
  • unclear contracts,
  • complicated rules,
  • stubborn authorities,
  • Representation in court.

You take care of the development of your company.
We take care of your problems.

What are we dealing with?
  • We prepare pleadings and non-judicial documents,
  • We respond to complaints,
  • we create models of contracts and regulations,
  • business consulting,
  • we participate in negotiations,
  • We prepare legal opinions,
  • we represent in courts and offices,
  • we monitor debt burdens,
  • We collect claims until successful execution,
  • We prepare and deliver opinions on business contracts,
  • We help to set up companies,
  • We enter changes in the KRS.
1. For how long does the contract last?

You can cancel the contract at any time. We can also modify your package, tailoring it to your needs and options.

2. Remote cooperation

An essential part of our collaboration is contact over the internet (email, skype) – so you do not have to be in our office every time.
At the end of each month you will be informed about our progress.

3. Individual cases

We also offer ad hoc support for specific cases.
We will keep you up to date on the progress.

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