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Frequently asked Questions

Below you can find the most common questions that our clients ask before entrusting their matters to us.

1. How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, the lawyers’ strict ethics rules do not allow us to pre-determine the prices of our services on the website. It is also difficult to answer this question without knowing the details of the case, as each has a different complexity and different chances of success. You will know about the price and the prospects of success after a conversation with us.

We guarantee that the price corresponds to the commitment, our effort and our knowledge.

2. How much does legal advice cost?

Legal advice costs 150 PLN
We guarantee high quality and satisfaction.

You can book a visit here.

3. Can I make an appointment by phone or over the internet?

Yes, a large part of our legal assistance is provided remotely: by phone, by Skype or by e-mail.

You can also make an appointment in our office here: Calendar.

4. How much does the legal assistance cost?

From 350 PLN net / month. The amount can be included in the tax-deductible costs and deducted from income tax. The cooperation can be done electronically.

5. In which foreign languages do we provide legal assistance?

In German and English.

6. Can I rely on your discretion?

We are bound by professional secrecy; We cannot even testify in court how we found out about the circumstances of the matter.

7. Can I order a single document?

Yes. You can order some of the individual letters here: see here.

8. Can I pay by card?


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