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Criminal Law

Criminal Law


We conduct the legal proceedings of our clients at all stages of the criminal proceedings. During the investigations, we take part in interrogations, detention sessions and appeal against preventive measures, such as pre-trial detention

We represent clients in proceedings before courts of all instances. We create pleadings, such as complaints, appeals and cassations. We also represent victims

We handle private charges and work as authorized representatives of the Prosecutor. We represent our clients in criminal and enforcement proceedings.

Our office has extensive experience in the field of criminal law, gained during the participation in numerous criminal proceedings. We handle such topics like:
  • defense of the accused / suspect,
  • victim representation,
  • police custody,
  • Arrest,
  • early release,
  • adjournment of the sentence,
  • electronic surveillance.
1. Who are we?

For the past 19 years we have defended our clients in the most famous trials in Opole.

2. What do we do?

Cases in the field of criminal law are specific and must be dealt with in a special and skillful way. These cases end with success thanks to the experience of the lawers.

3. Remote cooperation

The distance is not a problem, we lead cases throughout Poland.

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