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Civil right

Civil right

We offer legal services related to civil law. We advise and represent our clients in proceedings before courts of all instances.

We write lawsuits and other briefs, as well as non-judicial documents.

We prepare contracts, regulations, payment requests and legal opinions and lead negotiations.

We deal in particular with the following areas of civil law:
  • payment cases,
  • foreclosure,
  • compensation,
  • division of the assets,
  • inheritances,
  • indebtedness and consumer bankruptcy,
  • real estate / property,
  • personal rights,
  • enforcement proceedings.
1. Who are we?

In our office, we work with the best specialists in the field of civil law, legal advisers, notaries, tax advisors, experts and bailiffs.

2. How much does it cost?

Each case is different, and the workload differs in each case. You receive a concrete offer after out meeting.

3. Cooperation with clients abroad

Some of our customers live in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, the USA and Canada.

We work with the best specialists in civil law field.

Our clients come from such countries as: Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, USA and Canada..

We cooperate with the best notaries, tax advisors, experts and bailiffs.

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Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.

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